Introducing the #1 putting trainer in the World – Dr. D’s “6 Foot Gimme”

It’s the only putting device that trains your hand eye coordination to the perfect alignment on EVERY putt.
Dr. D’s 6 Foot Gimme slips into your pocket or golf bag for ease of use and once set up, gives you instant feedback on your stroke and alignment.
It’s simple:
  • Aim the arrows at the exact target
  • Press Dr D’s “6 Foot Gimme” into the putting surface
  • Place your golf ball towards the grooved back edge; square up the putter face to this edge.
  • Focus on putting square through impact.
Build amazing confidence from your first putt with Dr. D’s 6 Foot Gimme.
It’s a MUST for every golfer who wants to improve their game.
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Golf pro John Lepak shows how easy it is to Train Your Brain!

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